Springmaid Watermedia

For more than three decades, Springmaid Watermedia has been offering its popular watercolor and ​watermedia workshops at Springmaid Mountain.

The workshop program is structured for both students and professionals alike. Our instructors are renowned as teachers, jurists, authors and artists in the United States and abroad. Immerse yourself in this beautiful, unique environment with your favorite media and find the results you want: enhanced creativity, technique, and new friends.

See details of the various instructors' classes below. To register, please call 828-765-2353 or email [email protected] with the registration forms below.

May 7-12, 2017

"Celebrating Your Creative Self"
Mary Todd Beam (All levels)

We invite you to tap into your creative inner voice as only Mary can help you do! Learn to use the tools of contemporary design. Art is a means of communicating, you will be using new forms of expression. The strata, grid, circles and more will become your new vocabulary for expressing yourself more fluently. Each day begins with a demo exploring color, line and texture. Through Mary’s everyday teachings and anecdotes , you will become more knowledgeable about the metaphors an meanings embedded in your work. The goal is to allow yourself to be the unique artist that only you are. With the use of Mary’s visual aids and charts, she will inspire you to follow the path of becoming a visual poet. 


Mary Todd Beam is a member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society,  and Dolphin Fellowship. An award-winning and popular workshop instructor and juror, Mary has authored several books, including’ The Creative Edge’, ‘Celebrate your Creative Self’, published all over the world in many languages. In the realm or artistic creativity, her experience alone makes her the best workshop instructor! She has received the AWS Gold Medal of Honor twice.  Mary had the honor of being asked to exhibit in the 1st and the 2nd International Invitational Exhibit in Nanjing, China. She is listed in the Who’s Who in American Art and the World’s Who’s Who of Women and has been selected to be included in the biographical book in Cambridge, England, titled “Outstanding People in the Arts Today”. She has the grace and energy to spark motivation! 

September 10-15, 2017

"Watercolor with Purpose"
E.B. Lewis (All Levels)

E.B. has designed his workshop to teach you how to “see” clearly, emphasis on being noble, honest and true in your art. The goal is to have you, the artist begin to apply concepts in design that make your work more expressive and stronger. This class is not about his style or subject matter, it is about yours. There will be class demonstrations as well as individual demos at your desk if desired. Discussions on color application, color theory, and painting with feeling. Critiques can be scheduled to discuss not only paintings done in class, but also to review previous work.  This workshop will strengthen your portfolio, and you will leave this workshop inspired like never before. E.B. Lewis has his personal workshop methods that you will take with you forever on your journey to be the best artist you can be. 

The remote setting of SMM is the perfect venue. Its calming serenity lends the time and space necessary to learn to SEE.

eb lewis.jpg

To quote a testimonial: E.B. Lewis is an… “artist, educator, and children’s book illustrator. A graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. E.B. Lewis is a fine artist, whose considerable talents are a gift to the world of children’s books. Among his many recognitions, Lewis has been honored with the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award, the Caldecott Honor Medal, and the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children. His work has been described by reviewers as: extraordinarily accomplished, authentic, luminous, unforgettable, eye-catching, evocative, and exquisite…But what truly distinguishes E.B. Lewis’s work is his ability to use the medium of watercolor to evoke emotional response across picture book genres… by Erika Thulin Dawes, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Language and Literacy, Lesley University

We encourage you to visit his website, he has illustrated over 70 books and, you might check out The Wells Gallery where he is a regularly featured artist at The Santuary on Kiawah Island.

October 8-13, 2017

Ted Nuttall Painting.jpg

"Painting People from Photographs"

Ted Nuttall (Intermediate-Advanced)

Painting the figure or portrait is something many artists aspire to but often shy away from. Yet it is every bit as approachable as creating a still life or landscape. Ted’s workshop is designed to give you the tools, the confidence and the inspiration to enjoy painting people as well as show how working from photographs can be an effective and powerful approach to creating exciting figurative paintings in watercolor. Ted will discuss the benefits of photographic reference as well as how to edit, interpret and compose from a photo in order to give life and energy to the subject. His lectures, daily demonstrations, and one on one instruction will help you find new enthusiasm for your work.

“I don’t really think of my paintings as portraits; rather, I see them as representations of emotion and expression. Throughout my painting process I try to maintain an acute, intuitive awareness of what I need to see and capture to achieve this in my paintings.” - Ted Nuttall

Instructor Photo - Ted Nuttall.jpgTed Nuttall is a graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, Nuttall is a figurative watercolorist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people, his experience and travels as a youth in a career Airforce family and a 25-year career in graphic design. He is a Signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolor West and Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. He teaches workshops throughout the US and in Europe.  Nuttall’s art has won numerous national and regional awards in juried exhibitions and he has been published in North Light Books', Splash 8 and Splash 10, and his painting "Whispering Smith" appeared on the cover of Splash 12. He was a featured artist in the French publication Pratique Des Arts in 2013 and the featured cover artist for the February 2014 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine. www.tednuttall.com

October 14-19, 2017

nuttall still life.jpg

"Still Life from Photographs"
Ted Nuttall (All Levels)

Although primarily a figurative painter, Ted has always been enamored of the still life works of painters such as Paul Cezanne, Georgio Morandi, Richard Diebenkorn as well as those of contemporary artists like Jerald Silva and Gillian Peterson Krag.  Painters who bring insight and emotion beyond the ordinary to the subjects they paint. It has become an aspiration for Ted to bring to still life all of the elements present in his paintings of people, i.e., light, expression, color and composition and to share this with his students. As with his figurative paintings, he will discuss the benefits of photographic reference as well as how to edit, interpret and compose from a photo in order to give life and energy to the subject. His lectures, daily demonstrations and one on one instruction will help you find new enthusiasm for your work.

“I continue to re-discover that all the principles and objectives I find so important (and enjoyable) in my portrait and figure painting process hold true for my approach to still life. I believe overlooking one or more of these essentials in any painting can make a work ordinary and the process of painting it less challenging and therefore less enjoyable.” - Ted Nuttall